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Lerner College continues to provide Azure Dev Tools for Teaching access to any student enrolled in a class within the Business College. The service is an initiative to provide students with software design, operating systems, and development tools at no charge.

Popular Products used in Lerner College courses are

  • Microsoft Project 2016
  • Microsoft Visio 2016

Using Azure Dev Tools for Teaching (Students)

You must be currently enrolled in a course within the Lerner College of Business & Economics to be eligible.

Logging in

  • Choose the Sign In Button

  • Login with your University email address and password . Be sure to include the ‘’ in your username.

  • You will be prompted to enter your Microsoft Two-Factor Authentication code
If you have not setup Microsoft Two-Factor Authentication, follow the steps at this link before continuing:

  • You may be prompted to accept the Azure Dev tools subscription agreement
  • Once logged in you will be presented with the Azure Dev Tools for Teaching Quick Start Page

Obtaining software through Azure Dev Tools for Teaching

The Azure Dev Tools allows you to search for software you might need for your courses. Select Software and search for the product you are looking for, and select the result that best suits your needs.

  • After logging into the webstore, select the Software option

  • A new window will open to the right of the menu with a list of available software.
  • Use the search box to locate the software you wish to download

  • Select the software and you will see a new window with two buttons
    • View Key
    • Download

  • Choose View Key to generate a license key for your software

    • Copy this key somewhere safe if you need to reinstall the software
  • Choose Download to download an installation package for the software

    • The installer for the software will download. You may be prompted for a save location or permissions depending on your web browser settings.


Faculty no longer need to send student rosters

Azure Dev Tools for Teaching no longer requires manual student enrollment.

Students are instead verified against a valid UD email address.