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The University of Delaware, through Office 365, has obtained access to Microsoft's OneDrive service. Much like Dropbox and Google Drive, Office 365 provides a platform for allowing the storage and sharing of folders, files, and other data with users within the University of Delaware.
A comparison of features between OneDrive and Google Drive is available through Central IT and can be found at the following link:

Using the Website

If you're looking for quick access to files on the go, you can access your stored files via OneDrive on the Web.
Log in at with your University of Delaware credentials, and select "OneDrive" to gain access to your OneDrive interface.

On Your Computer

Install the Client

If you're looking for access to OneDrive resources directly from your machine, we strongly advise installing the OneDrive client for the best performance. By default, OneDrive is part of any Microsoft Office 2016 or newer installation through the University of Delaware.
If are using a Mac, running an older edition of Microsoft Office, or simply want a standalone version of the OneDrive client, you can download OneDrive from the following link:
If you need assistance installing the client, please reach out to the Lerner IT team at, and we'll be happy to give a hand!

Sign In

Once installed, you'll need to sign in to OneDrive with your University of Delaware email address and password. You may be prompted to provide your Microsoft Multifactor Authentication (MFA) code, or to verify using the App.
If you haven't signed in to Office before, or have never set up the Microsoft Authenticator, instructions on setting up MFA can be found in the University's Documentation:

Find Folders

Once you've signed into OneDrive, the folders associated with your account should synchronize.
If this is the first time you've used OneDrive on the computer you are presently using, you may not see folders that have been shared with you in the application until you manually synchronize them.


In Windows 10, you'll find a shortcut to your OneDrive folder added to the side navigation in Explorer.

In most cases, the folder for Onedrive will also be added to your user account on the computer you are currently using, and will be accessible via a path similar to the following:
C:\Users\USERNAME\OneDrive - University of Delaware - o365


In order to use the OneDrive client, you will need MacOSX 10.11 (El Capitan) or newer – older versions will require that you use the web client.
The latest instructions for using OneDrive on MacOS can be found in Microsoft's support documentation:

Accessing a Shared Folder

By default, Shared folders are not downloaded to your computer using the OneDrive App, unlike Dropbox. All files are accessible via the web interface, but can be selected to synchronise with OneDrive.

Via Web

Access your OneDrive folder by first logging in to Microsoft's Office Online service at

Once you're in OneDrive, click on the "Shared" link to view all files and folders shared with you.

Double click on the folder that was shared with you, which should open in a new folder to view any files within.

Via Computer

In order to access a Shared Folder on your computer, you must first synchronize it via the web.
Log in to OneDrive in the procedure described above for "Via Web".
Once you're in the shared folder as described, click the "Sync" button in order to force it to synchronize with OneDrive on your computer.

When the folder is synchronized, a new folder will appear in your Windows shortcuts titled "University of Delaware - o365" with the folder named after the owner and the title of the folder itself. This differs from your OneDrive folder, as this does not contain your personal storage.

Any shared files will be within the University of Delaware - 0365 folder, and not the "OneDrive" folder.

Troubleshooting Tip

If, after clicking the Sync Button, it does not attempt to open OneDrive, you may need to update your OneDrive client with the latest version. A link to the latest version of OneDrive will be available in the "Getting ready to sync" menu.

Additional Tips, Resources, and Information

Change which folders Synchronize on your computer:

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