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  • You should now be presented with the login screen
  • Enter your UD username and password
  • Choose Log On
  • When you see the Welcome to Citrix Receiver page, select Use Light Version

  • You should be presented with the screen showing your available virtual desktops
  • Choose the Virtual Lab to launch your session

  • You will be presented with a Windows 10 desktop and access to all of the software currently available in the Lerner College computing labs.

Contact Lerner College IT with any issues:

Kumo Cloud Storage

Kumo software installed in the Lerner College labs enables students to directly access their University of Delaware Google Drive storage. 

Kumo seamlessly maps your Google storage as a drive letter, making it easier to get to all your data.

First Time User

You will first need to link the Kumo software to your University of Delaware Google account

  • Login using your University of Delaware credentials
  • Choose Authorize

  • Login to your University of Delaware Google account
  • ChooseAllow to link Kumo to your Google Drive account

  • You can now use the Kumo service in Lerner College Labs.

Using Kumo in the Labs

  • When you login to a lab computer, Kumo automatically connects you to your Google Drive.


  • You can find your Google Drive by opening Files

  • Select This PC and you will see Google Drive (likely labeled G:)

  • If you are using the Virtual Lab, a link to the G: drive is also located on your desktop.

Google Drive Not Linked?

  • If you have not Linked Kumo to your Google Drive you will see the following message and must follow the First Time User steps before continuing:

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