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The University has already provided some information on working from home, but here are a few quick answers to some common questions. 

I have certain resources that require access from the UD network, can I access them from home?

Certain software packages, shared drives, and websites require the user connect to them from the University's network, and faculty and staff have access to a VPN for just such occasions.
By connecting to the VPN prior to trying to access these resources, many of them will be available. For more information on utilizing the VPN, please see the following help articles: 

My shared drive doesn't show up on my home computer, can I access it?

As long as you connect to the VPN first, you should be able to connect to your shared drive. Instructions for both using the VPN and for connecting to a shared drive can be found below

I don't have Outlook installed on my home computer, can I still access my email?

Absolutely! Our current Exchange Online environment has a web-mail feature! By simply going to and signing in with your UD credentials, you'll be able to access
your email from your web browser. For additional information on ways to access your email, please follow the links below. 

How about shared mailboxes?

Shared mailboxes can also be accessed through the web. Once logged in to the web-mail as outlined above, click on your initials in the top-right corner and click "Open another mailbox".

I have a UD owned desktop that I need to be able to access.

Sometimes, software can't be installed on a home machine because of licensing or space restrictions and so UD owned machines may need to be accessed remotely. If this is the case,
please reach out to Lerner IT by filling out our help request form, or by emailing so that we can configure your desktop in advanced. Once the desktop is pre-configured,
please see the links below for utilizing Remote Desktop.

I had meetings scheduled and can no longer have them in person. 

Zoom is all the buzz for video calling at the University and is a great tool for when you need to present things such as PowerPoints or even just to talk "face to face" with a collaborator. All UD 
faculty, staff and students have Zoom accounts and can login by going to Further information for utilizing Zoom can be found at the link below.

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