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What is Two-Factor Authentication?

Two-factor authentication (2FA) secures your information by requiring you to login to University of Delaware web pages and services using your password as well a unique code.

Your unique code is provided directly to you every time you login using text message, voice message, or the Google Authenticator app.

Need help getting set up?  Contact the TechDeck for assistance!

Enabling two factor authentication

  1. Log in to My UD Settings
  2. Choose Register for two-factor authentication
  3. Select a method for receiving your two-factor authentication code
  4. Follow the rest of the screen prompts in My UD Settings
  5. Provide backup phone numbers
  6. Print out emergency single-use codes.
    *Make sure you provide back-up phone numbers in case your primary method of receiving 2FA codes is not available.
  7. Click Finish and Submit
  8. You will receive an email notification that you have enabled 2FA

Using Two-Factor Authentication


  1. Login with your UD username and password
    Login prompt
  2. You will be asked to enter your unique 2FA code
    • If this is provided by Google Authenticator, open the app on your phone to obtain the code
    • If this code is provided by text or voice message, please wait a moment for the message to be sent to you.

  3. Choose Remember this browser while logging in to save your code for two weeks
    Two-factor authentication prompt


  1. Enter your UD ID and password

  2. If you use voice or text to receive your code you must first enter
    • voice1 in the Second Password and press OK field to receive a call with your code
    • sms1 in the Second Password field and press OK to receive a text with your code
      *You may see a notice saying "login failed" when you trigger the code to be sent. This is normal. Once you get your code, you can enter it as normal with your credentials.

  3. Once you receive your code, enter it into the Second password field along with your username and password and press OK